Israel’s IIBR Shares Good News, Completes Development Phase of Antibody for COVID-19

Israel has reached a ‘significant breakthrough’ after the researchers wrapped up the development phase of the COVID-19 antibody, confirmed by Defense Minister Naftali Bennett. Israel will now move to have a patent for this antibody and begin mass production of a potential treatment for COVID-19.

The joint statement released by the Israel Ministry of Defense and the Israel Institute for Biological Research(IIBR), confirmed the breakthrough which may be a sigh of relief for everyone around the world. Israel’s leading news media publications Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post backed the claim for the statement.

Amichai Stein, a correspondent at Kan, Israel Public Broadcasting corporation has tweeted the news and shared the press statement.

It was only last month when Israel’s premier research and development announced that it had begun testing the developed antibody on rodents. Although, it is still unclear if the human trials were conducted or not. We have to wait for complete information on this.

Bennett said he is proud of Institute’s staff. And we can’t agree with him more, we all are proud of them. Take a bow, you all good great people for spending your time and knowledge for saving humanity and reaching this ‘significant breakthrough’.

Although about 100 research organizations around the world have confirmed that they are in the process of making the vaccine, some of them have even reached the early phase of human trials. With all these trials going on to develop the vaccine, we still have to wait for the full-proof antibody for COVID-19. It was earlier said that even if takes around 12–18 months for researchers to develop a vaccine, that would be a record speed. That possibly means that we have to skip the year 2020 as soon as possible.

The world leaders and NGOs are providing funds for research work on the vaccine and any breakthrough is important considering the economic and medical problems faced by people all around the world. Almost 50% of the world population is currently under lockdown due to coronavirus scare and this is not only taking a toll on the world economy but also having adverse effects on individuals.

Another thing we have to consider here is the mass production of the vaccine, as we are around 7 billion humans living on this planet. To manufacture the antidote and then creating a mass vaccination drive will take months.

As we all are in this together, we hope that things will get back to as they were sooner than later.

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